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Wade gabrielle union dating

“I might go from the worst thing that has ever happened to me to talking about irritable bowel syndrome—that’s the way my mind works, that’s the way my life is.I thought it would be disin­genuous if I didn’t lay the book out that way.” That complete authenticity, a relatively new development, has been the catalyst for other recent successes: The second season of her clothing line with New York & Company hits stores this month, and last year she launched Flawless by Gabrielle Union, a haircare line for women with textured and curly hair.Union and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade are in a high-profile relationship. Wade, who went through a very public divorce, recently married the veteran actress. (David Buchan/Getty Images)Talk of reconciliation between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant turns out to be true, as the couple absolves its divorce.

I started with those closest to me, but there’s a line of people to get to.

Here’s how to start following in her footsteps.“I started working with a life coach who asked me to list things that make me happy, and one of my top three was imi­tation crab!

You’re not on the right track if you say imitation crab. ’ Exam­ine those moments and you’ll start to figure out who you really are.” “Part of my homework for becoming my best self is owning up to my b.s.

“I’ve struggled with feelings of worthlessness for a very long time,probably until about last year, even though I had a body of work and I’m pretty accomplished.” (We’d say: From her big break in the teen classic , she’s spent nearly two decades in the spotlight.

On the home front, she’s happily married to NBA star Dwyane Wade and is a proud step­mom to his “kind, compassionate” boys.) “Over the years, I’d been approached with ideas for things like my own clothing line, and I’d have those momen­tary feelings of I got picked! And then it was, Oh God, they’re going to figure out that I have no value. I was always looking to others for outside validation, so I would’ve basically been like,‘Well, who’s popular right now?


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