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Women also report enjoying “ethnic” scenes, or scenes focused heavily on African-Americans and Latino/a-Americans.

This category had the biggest response, with 68% of the women indicating it is in their top three favorites.

I also asked the women to choose their top two reasons for watching these movies.

This might explain why 53% of the women report enjoying lesbian scenes (at least two women, no men present) as one of their top three genres.

I also found that 14.5% of the women enjoy watching gay scenes (at least two men, no women present), and 30% of the women enjoy watching group sex scenes (several men and women) or gangbangs (one woman, several men).

I’ve opened up about my voyeurism, and definitely admit that I’m highly aroused by being able to get a sneak peek into the sex lives of others.

For most people, watching porn is about indulging in a fantasy or a sexy illusion that arouses one’s senses.


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