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When men pull away in dating

I fell in love and got rejected, so you can only imagine how she’s feeling.

She likes you, but she’s trying to grasp onto the railings, if you get what I mean. She went on a couple dates with you, tried it out, but she’s not into you like that.

I’m still sifting through the hundreds of responses that you gave me on yesterday’s survey: In case you didn’t know, all I asked was this: What is the most important question you have about relationships that you’d like me to address in my new e Book?

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People are complicated and make things so much more dramatic than they need to be. I mean, they may not be sure or into you, but that’s not because you’re doing something wrong. If she’s scared, she’ll tell you what she needs from you.

they are the one pursuing me), what has changed in their heads?

I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’ve got SCORES of these questions – slight variations on the same exact theme.

You need to give her the space she needs since she’s clearly already in her head with thought. [Read: How to give space in a relationship and not drift apart] #12 You’re not communicating how you feel.

She may really be into you, but you’re not letting her know that you’re into her.


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