Who angelina jolie dating

According to Hollywood Life, the 41-year-old actress started dating a mysterious and dangerously handsome British man in early 2017.

The whole relationship has been very much on the down low because, you know, she's still technically married to Brad Pitt.

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Over the weekend, Angelina Jolie spoke publicly about her divorce from Brad Pitt for the first time.

It's been months since the couple parted ways following a still-mysterious confrontation between Pitt and the couple's eldest son aboard a private jet, but until this week, both actors have refrained from speaking about the split publicly.

“Angie’s thinking of having Shiloh, Zahara, and Vivienne as bridesmaids and Maddox as the groom’s best man since Maddox sort of feels he’s the man of the family now,” the source said.

Knox will be the ring bearer and Pax will DJ/bake the cake for the reception like he did for his parents' wedding. We'll take a wild guess and say he's probably not invited.

"It's a hard pill for her to swallow and that's got her wanting to do the same.Anyway, as we said, this almost certainly BS, but we wouldn't go so far as to say it's impossible.This is a woman who went from Billy Bob Thornton to Brad Pitt.After filling for divorce, Angelina Jolie’s dating life is finally revealed.It was falsely claimed that Angelina reportedly has the hots for Chris Hemsworth."Angie’s been telling friends Jared has a special way of making her feel good about herself.” Another insider adds: “He’s been good for her, helping put a smile back on Angie’s face.” Yes, he's putting a smile on that face of hers.We can't help but thing the person who made this source up got Jared confused with Heath Ledger.After Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's dating life is finally revealed.Angelina Jolie’s dating life has remained one of the most talked topics among her fans after she got involved with Brad Pitt.Not even a year ago, Jolie filed for divorce from the 52-year-old actor, causing hearts to break all over the world. All that sources are revealing is that he's a 40-something businessman and philanthropist who's super rich. RELATED: 10 Cringey Facts About Scott Disick's Relationship With 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Sofia Richie​The girl is apparently so happy and not full of spite for her ex at all that she's already planning her fourth wedding.But she didn't have too much time to wallow because she met her new beau soon after. Before Pitt, she was married to Jonny Lee Miller for four years, and Bill Bob Thornton for three.


  1. Are Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto dating? That's the strange claim being made by one tabloid.

  2. New details about Angelina Jolie's mystery boyfriend revealed, along with the rumor that they're already engaged and planning a wedding. We have all the.

  3. With ongoing talk of divorce after separation, Angelina Jolie has too much on her plate right now to even consider dating. She has no intention of coupling.

  4. Angelina Jolie’s dating life has remained one of the most talked topics among her fans after she got involved with Brad Pitt. For 12 long years, Brad and.

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