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Who is denzel washington dating

Denzel Washington is currently married to Pauletta Washington.He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 35.4 years. Given Name: Denzel Jermaine Washington Jr Age: 63 (12/28/1954)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: for his portrayals of real-life figures, such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter "We both had the day off Tuesday, and we were driving around going 'What do we get ready for now? He took a journalism course at Fordham University before discovering his interest in acting.He grew up in a Christian household and has proudly carried that faith with him ever since. He still is active in boxing whenever he gets a chance. He was a supporter of President Obama when he ran for election, and even endorsed him in 2008.I was expecting to see an airplane version of the 2010 movie “Unstoppable.” What I saw instead was a tortured story about alcohol and drug abuse that was nearly ruined from the outset by gratuitous nudity and a ridiculously profane Washington, along with an unconvincing portrayal of his extramarital love life with a white woman.Only the final few minutes are devoted to the character’s recovery from substance abuse.“Oh, Jesus, no he didn’t.” The kiss, on the other hand, got no reaction at all. I hate to say it, but, you know, white men bring women to movies, and they don’t want to watch a black man with their woman,’ ” she said. Toni Blocker, a retired visual information specialist with the D. (I happen to think Washington deliberately made the kissing scenes look awkward, like he was kissing a window pane, a signal to black women that his heart really wasn’t in it.) “I just sat there thinking: ‘Why couldn’t they have found a black actress to co-star with Denzel? “Black or white, there seems to be a cut-off for women,” he said. They’re constantly looking for the younger one, the younger one, and for African American women, women of color, it’s doubly hard.Just a mood-shifting silence, as if the theater had suddenly lost cabin pressure and there wasn’t enough air left to even let out a sigh. There was a long-standing belief that the reason Washington did so few interracial romantic scenes was not to offend black women, who are his core audience and greatest admirers. For his part, Washington has noted that Hollywood, historically, was reluctant to put interracial relationships on the big screen, that he has no problem with it but won’t do it just for the sake of getting a reaction out of viewers. “It took me by surprise,” Mildred Bailey, an information technology specialist for D. And then for dark-skinned African American women, it’s even more difficult.” And for the black audience, it can be even worse.

1980s has been very fruitful for him as he was awarded by many awards as well as nominated for the prestigious ones.

Surely, Washington doing “love scenes” with a white woman in a movie billed as an airplane thriller would be too much baggage for the movie to fly.

And as the camera zoomed in on those locked lips, that proved to be the case.

However, there was one point the actor admitted to abandoning his religion when he was 14 years, but that was because of his parents divorcing. He also has endorsed the Democratic mayor in New York.

During the Bush war years, rather than putting down the president, he instead focused on his concerns for the soldiers coming home from war.


  1. Denzel Washington Jr. is an American actor. Denzel made his film debut in the comedy A. Who is he dating? Denzel Washington is married to actress Paulette.

  2. Jul 09, 2013 Denzel Washington maybe cheated on his wife and now there are pics being shopped around that prove it!

  3. As Denzel Washington puckered up to kiss Kelly Reilly, his redheaded co-star in the movie “Flight,” you half expect the camera to cut away.

  4. Sanaa Lathan and Denzel Washington have a complicated history, and the reported mistress of the 58-year-old actor has now resurfaced in new infidelity rumors. Rumors have circulated this week that.

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