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Who is elaine paige dating

Often, I’ll stay at home in front of the TV, though. Or I’ll have an early night with a good book or my script for Dick Whittington!

"You have to remember I am from a suburban north London background, and it was a bit of a leap for me.

She also hosts a Sunday show on Radio 2 and, this Christmas, plays Queen Rat in Dick Whittington at the London Palladium.

Her three-CD set Elaine Paige Presents Showstoppers From The Musicals, is out now. “If I’m not performing, my weekend starts early Friday evening.

But I was there and I do remember it, and it was great," she laughs.

"It was wild and rebellious, and there was drink and drugs. Absolutely everything."Getting drunk, abusing illegal substances and appearing naked in public are not things one normally associates with the First Lady of British musicals.


  1. Elaine Paige on dating, plastic surgery and those 60s streaking stories. The doyenne of musical theatre is taking her show to North Wales, at 69 the age defying star is showing no signs of slowing down. Share; Comments. By. Zara Whelan. ; Updated. What's On. Enter your postcode to.

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