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He comes home from work and complains that there’s no food.

She points out that human food is disgusting to her and that going to the grocery store is like going to the morgue.

Bill covers for Sookie when an overly belligerent Sheriff Andy arrives by saying she’s been on private “vampire business” and that he obviously didn’t kill her like everyone suspected.

Sookie tells Bill that while it’s been more than a year for him, it’s only been an hour since he broke her heart, he says he understands and leaves.

Sam is mad at her for disappearing for a year and not telling him where she was.

Tommy Merlot comes limping in a knee stabilizer along with Hoyt’s mother Maxine, who appears to be taking care of him now, though Sam’s paying for his physical therapy, the implication being that Sam shot him in the leg at the end of Season 3.

The “Hep V” vamps are on their way towards our heroes. You'll also meet a few of our guest stars for this season in those opening moments.

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And now it’s time for “Bon Temps: Where are they now?

Sookie meets a nice lady in a cemetery and disappears in a flash of light.

” Eric wins by saying he never gave up on seeing her again, but listens to Bill’s order to leave.

The first nudity of the season goes to Naomi, who is rolling around in bed with Tara, I mean “Toni.” Tara gets a text from Lafayette that Sookie is back home.

She covers by telling Naomi that it’s from her father, informing her that her grandmother died. ” asks Naomi, a question that already marks her as one of the smartest characters to ever appear on this show.


  1. True Blood could have afforded a JB du Rone, they grow like magnolia in Louisiana. The book's arc could have replaced Tara's turn as a pissed off vampire who's all loving sunshine with her maker, Pamela Swynford De Beaufort played by Kristin Bauer van Straten, the girlfriend with "Man-Hands" on Seinfeld. Tara could.

  2. Aug 18, 2014. Speaking of giving, Bill grants freedom to his progeny, Jessica Hamby Deborah Ann Woll, by releasing her from his control. Saddened by her maker's decision to opt for the “true death,” Jessica turns to former beau Hoyt Fortenberry Jim Parrack for solace. This naturally upsets Hoyt's current girlfriend.

  3. Jessica HambyDeborah Ann Woll · arlene-fowler. Arlene FowlerCarrie Preston · Andy BellefleurChris Bauer · Holly ClearyLauren Bowles · alcide-herveaux. Alcide HerveauxJoe Manganiello · True Blood. Sarah NewlinAnna Camp · Hoyt FortenberryJim Parrack · Willa BurrellAmelia Rose Blaire · Nicole WrightJurnee.

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