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Newspapers In Education (NIE) was established so students would have the opportunity to obtain world and local knowledge through the news.NIE offers and supplies newspapers and educational supplements to students and teachers in an effort to provide valuable resources to aid students in their lifelong journey of learning.In the documents, obtained by TMZ, Hartwell claims he’s not buying Keshia’s claim that she needs emergency financial support, because they both are financially stable. Whether you and your baby momma, Keshia, like each other or not, you’re ‘stuck like chuck’ with each other for 18 years, might as well learn to deal with it bruh. We gotta be real, she played a role in this as well.Hartwell also wants the court to consider the money that he spent setting up the nursery for baby Ella at his place. There’s nothing left to question, Ella needs pampers, pacifiers, and what-not, so court ordered or not, flip that wallet open and start making it rain your baby momma’s way. Let’s not forget that soon after Keshia and her former fiancee’, Big Tigger, broke up, Ed and Keshia jumped the broom after just four months of dating…READ MORE We love us some Salt-N-Pepa, here at ILove Old School Music…been diggin’ all three members- Pepa, Salt and Spinderella- since the 1980’s. A lotta things done changed in the world since then, including two factors that Pepa is ?

However, he actually has one daughter – Wendy Graham, 42, whom he had with his ex-wife, Glenda.

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The Newspapers in Education program puts newspapers and educational resources in the hands of students and educator’s and creates connections between education and the real world.

Anyways, although Ed has accepted their daughter, the former NFL linebacker isn’t quite ready to tackle that whole child support situation just yet…there’s more…

Apparently Ed is currently contesting paying child support…temporarily and he cited his reasons in newly filed court documents in his pending divorce from his former Cosby Show wife, just as results from his paternity test proved paternity.


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