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Whose dating from real world brooklyn

Beyond Bushwick Avenue the road ran in a sinuous, circuitous fashion to avoid hills.

In 1868, the hills were leveled, the road was straightened and, by 1893, the road had its present form and length it has today, extending out to the junction at Grand Street (later Avenue) and Maspeth Avenue.

Taking over a store named Battleship Max Cohn is how Battleship Mike got his nickname. Cumberland Packing Corp., headquartered at 2 Cumberland Street (at Flushing) with additional facilities inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, manufactures Sweet’N Low, Sugar in the Raw, Nu-Salt, and other products.

That strategy of expansion has resulted in a huge inventory: work shirts, wool socks, camouflage coats, patches, pins, a kimono dating to World War II, and what Vincent Faiella suspects is the country’s largest inventory of Seafarer Dungarees, the bell-bottom jeans once worn by sailors. JJ’s Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, Washington and Flushing Avenues. (I’m sort of blending the different trips into one post here…was always the same.) WBLS is on a little too loudly on the radio.

Broadway, meanwhile, keeps a seemingly self-important air as it marches from Bowling Green all the way to Riverdale and beyond.

After a 150-year history of building some of America’s premier fighting vessels from the on down, the Navy Yard was decommissioned in 1966 and is presently the home of 200 private businesses; its six dry docks, one of which is shown above, are still in operation.

Tugboats are repaired and maintained, and ships are still built here, along with furniture design, electronics and jewelry making along with over 200 other businesses; there’s also a NYC tow pound and a water pollution control plant. Sadly, apart from the 1807 Commandant’s House, possibly designed by Charles Bulfinch, on the far western end of the complex, most of the Navy Yard’s old officer’s quarters, some dating from the mid-to-late 19th Century, have been allowed to rot.

It follows a generally straight line east to west till it gets to Broadway, and then begins a slight but definite trend to the northeast, which gets more pronounced until it flows into Grand Avenue.

Many streets in New York are so lengthy that residents on one section of such a street may not know that their street extends so far away. Albans, Cambria Heights, or Elmont and you encounter Linden Boulevard, it’s the same street that starts out as a trickle in Flatbush near Erasmus Hall.


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