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"I was so happy when I read Amy because she’s such an interesting character; she’s fun and goofy they wrote her really well.When you get that, you want to just run with it." Amy is one of six female protagonists to emerge from the new female-led season, a casting choice that Jones said wasn't even intentional.Getting a match is the modern meet-cute and I thought [Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones] did that really well." The expiration date on their relationship, viewers come to learn, is because the algorithm pairs people with as many matches as it takes in order to find the perfect one.The system logs likes and dislikes, habits and connections by putting the single through relationships that can last anywhere from weeks to years.I think it’s really lovely, especially that the female character is quite in control of what’s happening in the plot and she starts to realize what’s going on in this world." It is Amy who eventually realizes that their world isn't right.

Everyone around them, Amy begins to realize, seems to be in on the end game.

After their first date, the story begins to shift more to Amy's perspective, though it follows both Amy and Frank as they continue to work the system and bounce from one sub-par relationship to another.

"The idea of option paralysis and having too many options at your fingertips almost jolts your thinking about how online dating can be quite harmful," Campbell says of the darker side of the story.

"That means you’re perhaps not taking the time to get to know people properly or have a proper lasting relationship.

Where you’re not giving enough of chance to someone or not spending your energy on one person, and unable to make that connection you are wanting to make.


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