Woman jail dating

I would.” Upon her release in late December, her lawyer said that Graswald was keen to reconnect with her family in a "meaningful way", and to begin the “difficult” process of “reconstructing her life”.

She was released to a halfway house at the end of December.

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A woman who admitted to causing her fiancée’s death by taking a plug out of his kayak after getting fed up with his “sexual demands”, has been released from prison.

But I had a boyfriend at the time and he started demanding I finish with him, when I would not he started threatening me."He started telling me he would tell my boyfriend about us if I did not."The woman admitted to feeling relieved but shocked after Venables moved on with a mutual friend just days after harassing her with messages.

She continued:" Just three days later he was with someone else, after all the threats he had made about my relationship I could not believe it, but I was also kind of relieved.

In November, she was sentenced to between 16 months and four years in prison, but was released just weeks later as she had already spent time in jail since her arrest in 2015.

Following her sentencing, defence lawyer Richard Portale read out a statement to the media on Graswald’s behalf.


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