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Furthermore, once the Xbox One X launches later this year, the console will offer 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR).

This update also gives users the ability to change the location for Game DVR recordings, to take advantage of external drives.

Some of the more noticeable changes in this update, such as translucent elements, bold highlights on selected items and improved fluidity, are all a part of this new approach to UI design.

As an extension of the Fluent Design overhaul, the latest redesign of the Home menu makes for the biggest change in terms of functionality.

The success of Fortnite: Battle Royale is something that has never been seen before.

Released as a free to play extra mode to the original Fortnite game, the “Battle Royale” mode has quickly become everyone’s new favorite game.

Following the update, Home is a modular menu, comprised of user-defined "content blocks." Specific games, friends, and features are pinnable on the dashboard and accessed by scrolling down from the top of the page.Aiming to add additional depth and texture to the company's existing products, Fluent Design delivers a range of new visual traits, while still maintaining a level of minimalism seen in current revisions of the OS.Five main foundations are at the core of the initial wave of the Fluent Design System's rollout: Material, Light, Scale, Depth, and Motion.How the Xbox One Guide menu has changed in the Xbox fall update A new "Light" theme also arrives with the Xbox fall update, adding another major option for OS customization.As the name suggests, enabling this option colors the dashboard with white and gray user interface elements, rather than the black and dark grays seen in the current "Dark" theme.Tweaks have also been made to how features are distributed across tabs, with inspiration from stock apps on Windows 10 for PCs.The Guide now does a better job at accommodating the flagship features of Xbox Live, under the seven respective tabs now available.How to use content blocks on the new Xbox dashboard Significant changes have been made to the Xbox Guide, in an attempt to further improve the speed and fluidity of the pop-out menu.While general refinements to the Guide have been seen since its debut in 2015, today's update brings the biggest change yet.When every minute not playing Fortnite is a wasted minute, the installation times can be absolutely infuriating.After several months of testing via the Xbox Insider Program, Microsoft has released the fall update to Xbox One consoles worldwide.


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