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Xbox updating every time

When every minute not playing Fortnite is a wasted minute, the installation times can be absolutely infuriating.

After several months of testing via the Xbox Insider Program, Microsoft has released the fall update to Xbox One consoles worldwide.

From a usability standpoint, the most striking difference affects the tabs of the Guide menu.

Tabs will be sorted horizontally across the top of the guide, rather than down the side.

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While general refinements to the Guide have been seen since its debut in 2015, today's update brings the biggest change yet.

Although still in its early days, the concept of modular content blocks is already showing promise.

With the ability to pin content feeds for certain titles or track your closest friends, the Home menu now condenses key information into an easily-accessible location.

The darker color scheme still remains as the default going forward, however, the option to switch to the Light theme is only a few clicks away.

For many, this theme is a better way to view the dashboard in brightly lit environments, without worrying about incoming glare.


  1. Got on my Xbox this morning, said there was an update needed, set to update, wasn't starting, reset my console, got back on and it said it was updating! 2.62GBs of 54.70GB. I think this is the 3rd time ive had to download gears. Guesd I have to do this every title update. Completely ridiculous. Even having.

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