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Rivas - Kinematical Theory of Spinning Particles: Classical and Quantum Mechanical Formalism of Elementary Particles (Fundamental Theories of Physics, 116) (1958, ) (360s) 1acf6ea187b6cc81a267fadf02495b2568805 George S. Maloof - Machine Learning and Data Mining for Computer Security: Methods and Applications (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) (1958, ) (225s) 1ab593074dffdc3d2e087c522817bd3568808 Alexander Gillespie, William C. Burns - Climate Change in the South Pacific: Impacts and Responses in Australia, New Zealand, and Small Island States (Advances in Global Change Research) (1958, ) (396s) 1ae703cc98fce80698c2ffaa70cb575568812 Peter Dawkins, Michael Harris, Stephen King - How Big Business Performs: Private Performance and Public Policy : Analysing the Profits of Australia's Largest Enterproses Drawing on the Unique Data of Ibis Business Informat (1958, ) (206s) 1a7149b51fdb0b75a492ce0ae6808b2568826 Robert Cryer - Prosecuting International Crimes: Selectivity and the International Criminal Law Regime (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law) (1958, ) (392s) 1afe79959476eb1c737a88924ca08568834 Alison Stewart, Philippa Brice, Hilary Burton, Paul Pharoah, Simon Sanderson, Ron Zimmern - Genetics, Health Care and Public Policy: An Introduction to Public Health Genetics (2005, ) (352s) 1a823027ab7c137f7bf8d42039b1bb7568837 Rossteutscher - Democracy and the Role of Associations: Political, Organizational and Social Contexts (Routledge Ecpr Studies in European Political Science) (2005, ) (272s) 1af8a24a9d01292082cb22fb6720846568839 Paul Brand - Kings, Barons and Justices: The Making and Enforcement of Legislation in Thirteenth-Century England (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) (2005, ) (532s) 1ab5318415b4ac6cbcaf6975a8a7e512568852 Diane Mc Guinness - Language Development and Learning to Read: The Scientific Study of How Language Development Affects Reading Skill (Bradford Books) (2005, ) (480s) 1a7ce9e0ba6337ee1fae55c89df544f0568854 G. Perez-Neira, Marc Realp Campalans - Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications: Techniques and Models from PHY and MAC Layer Interaction (2007, ) (192s) 1afb3d1327ce56fefd0fdf4e797ff963568930 Kim, Jong-Hoon - (Beihefte zur Zeitschrift f\u00fcr die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 394 ) Die hebräischen und griechischen Textformen der Samuel- und Königebücher: Studien zur Textgeschichte ausgehend von 2Sam 15,1-19,9 (Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft) (2009, Walter de Gruyter) (470s) 1a079a2d09f19db78788bf73d36460d2568932 Jim Slater, Roger Strange, Limin Wang - (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia ) Trade and Investment in China: The European Experience (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia) (2003, Routledge) (315s) 1afc99989e230f7735ee6cbe908aee4568933 Norman W. Ehrlich - British English A to ZEd, Revised & Updated Edition (Facts on File Library of Language and Literature) (2001, Facts on File) (450s) 1a63471a7118d6e9fec8c46c00c23353568934 Ruth A.Lawrence MD - Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Professional (Expert Consult - Online and Print) (Breastfeeding (Lawrence), Seventh Edition (2010, Saunders) (1125s) 1a46b3b3ae51c98ac143c4a785af2492568938 Stefan Timm - Das christlich-koptische Agypten in arabischer Zeit (Teil 5: Q-S): Eine Sammlung christlicher Statten in Agypten in arabischre Zeit, unter Ausschluss von ...

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of the German Historical Institute) (2007, ) (292s) 1b191867808938990f853c110afef362568153 Boris Petrovich Uvarov - Grasshoppers and locusts: A handbook of general acridology : Volume 1. Verma, Ling Wang - (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume 71 ) Voice over IP Networks: Quality of Service, Pricing and Security (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering) (2011, Springer) (134s) 1b57dd994220a42e616598875294e2568208 Bikas K. Gilles Benguigui - Statistical Physics of Fracture and Breakdown in Disordered Systems (Monographs on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials, 55) (1997, Oxford University Press, USA) (171s) 1bd5aee39883dfce9c434594637ed721568211 Jean-Pierre Unger, Pierre De Paepe, Kasturi Sen, Werner Soors - International Health and Aid Policies: The Need for Alternatives (2010, Cambridge University Press) (315s) 1bba04c9a4a7098a6952242322c1378568212 Richard Alba - (Nathan I Huggins Lectures ) Blurring the Color Line: The New Chance for a More Integrated America (Nathan I Huggins Lectures) (2009, Harvard University Press) (321s) 1bede9081b479ab4c6cb2d108fe09c1568220 Ina Ferris, Paul Keen - (Palgrave Studies in the Enlightenment, Romanticism and the Cultures of Print ) Bookish Histories: Books, Literature, and Commercial Modernity, 1700-1900 (2009, Palgrave Macmillan) (294s) 1b63366d66eb7d042cac2a954de2972568221 John Whitman - City of the Dead (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 2) (1997, Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group)) (144s) 1bfe7fd5cc21d4e765f072516ff10568226 Λουκοπούλου Λ., Ζουρνατζή Α., Παρισάκη Μ.Γ., Ψωμά Σ. - Επιγραφές της Θράκης του Αιγαίου: μεταξύ των ποταμών Νέστου και Έβρου (νομοί Ξάνθης, Ροδόπης και Έβρου) (2005, ) (800s) 1b6a34e479f846d26cf1475fb217e85568238 Julia L. Griffin - (Studies in Modern European History, Vol.

Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Towards Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Agriculture: Proceedings of the 15th International Nitrogen Fixation Congress ...

Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture)New methodologies and techniques for a sustainable organic chemistry: [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on New Methodologies and Techniques in Organic Chemistry: Sustainable Development in a Secure Environment, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena SEARCHING FOR THE SUPERWORLD: A Volume in Honor of Antonino Zichichi on the Occasion of the Sixth Centenary Celebrations of the University of Turin, Italy ...

Clear - Imprisoning Communities: How Mass Incarceration Makes Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Worse (Studies in Crime and Public Policy) (2007, Oxford University Press) (274s) 1b0ec28cc64e0094b6a570ef22001653568549 Pierre Antoine Gioan - Higher Education in Francophone Africa: What Tools Can Be Used to Support Financially Sustainable Policies? Neal Kay MD, Chu Pak Lau - Clinical Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization Therapy, Third Edition (2007, Saunders) (1242s) 1bc69d668c360856ec87689b281d594568689 Sharon Heidenreich - Englisch für Architekten und Bauingenieure – English for Architects and Civil Engineers: Ein kompletter Projektablauf auf Englisch mit Vokabeln, Redewendungen, Übungen und Praxistipps, 2. Price, American Society for Neurochemistry - Basic Neurochemistry, Seventh Edition: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects (2007, ) (1016s) 1be2b7df5fd81ffc057ecbe47f05d966568720 Svetozar Margenov, Lubin Georgiev Vulkov, Jerzy Wasniewski - Numerical Analysis and Its Applications: 4th International Conference, NAA 2008 Lozenetz, Bulgaria, June 16-20, 2008 Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) (2007, ) (636s) 1bac3d760bc92cbf833df72d4bda7860568724 David G.

(World Bank Working Papers) (2007, ) (48s) 1b3a77deffad57c18e00e4e24d878d0568553 Sheila Clark, Erica Mac Creaigh - Library Services to the Incarcerated: Applying the Public Library Model in Correctional Facility Libraries (2007, ) (264s) 1b15abce84e5b844d23e6ca1ad0669d4568578 Research Group, The Radio, except Cable Research Group Tv Broadcasting - The 2000-2005 World Outlook for Radio and Tv Broadcasting, Except Cable (Strategic Planning Series) (2007, ) (127s) 1bc6d25e6ddfddde20483be98b43b8e1568584 Committee on Assessing the System for Protecting Human Research Subjects, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Institute of Medicine, Institute of Medicine - Preserving Public Trust: Accreditation and Human Research Participant Protection Programs (2007, ) (216s) 1b86bf2082929593b6cfddb07fb2c1a8568595 Icon Health Publications - The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Dextromethorphan Dependence: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age (2007, ) (192s) 1b79224b09e2d7409294211640af350568596 Subcommittee on Acute Exposure Guideline Level, National Research Council Staff, Committee on Toxicology, Board on on Environmental Studies and Toxicology - Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals: Vol 1 (2007, ) (220s) 1b8be6ed7098a794ec796c47824afb9568604 Arthur C. Lin - Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Orientationally Structured Adsorbates (World Scientific Lecture and Course Notes in Chemistry, Volume 7) (2004, ) (208s) 1bddbdfd74c87b672e265b1cc912bf82568688 Kenneth A. Auflage (2007, ) (251s) 1bfd94e9d4ec5228f43bcfa7d8c58f39568703 George J. Bromley - The Politics of Religious Apostasy: The Role of Apostates in the Transformation of Religious Movements (Religion in the Age of Transformation) (2007, ) (256s) 1bfbd82d58d07ddff7ab510081439727568726 Robert Foster, James Witcher, Vaughn Nelson, Majid Ghassemi, Luz Elena Mimbela, Abbas Ghassemi - Solar Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment (2007, ) (382s) 1be78fb62a83d92370b6746f426336a5568729 Alexandra Okada, Simon J.


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