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Zulfi syed dating

Mumbai, Nov 18, 2008: Rahul Mahajan has been evicted from the house of Bigg Boss for flouting the rules of the celebrity reality show.Rahul Mahajan who ruled the Bigg Boss 2 House since the day one has proved to be the biggest name on the show despite several celebrities including film personalities, singers and even politicians being part of the show.However, there were exceptions to this process as dictated by Bigg Boss.

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Ashutosh was one of the three finalists on the show along with Zulfi Syed, who is better known for his brush with Bollywood, and Raja Chaudhury, who tasted a bit of fame while dancing along side his now separated wife, television actress Shweta Tiwari.This is the first time that contestants from the Big Boss 2 tried to escape from the house of the Bigg Boss2, where around 34 cameras keep watch on the actions of all the contestants round the clock 24x7.With the eviction of all the female contestants from the house, there is not much interest left in the reality show. She and Rahul Mahajan seemed to have kept the show interesting with their love story being telecast live on the television screens.Rahul has reportedly been thrown out of the house for breaking the rules of the house.Though he is adept at breaking the rules of the house as he was several times seen putting his microphone behind and sleeping with his friends in the womens room in the Big Boss house.The housemates in the Indian version are primarily celebrities with the exception of one who is a non-celebrity selected via auditions.Housemates are overseen by a mysterious person known as 'Bigg Boss', whose only presence in the house is through his voice. The house was earlier located in the tourist place of Lonavla, Pune district of Maharashtra, however the house for the fifth season was located ND Studios in Karjat. It has all kinds of modern amenities, but just one or two bedrooms and four toilet bath rooms.The episode on Sunday, named differently across seasons, contains extra footage of the week, which was not included in any episode.I thank Rahul Mahajan for his wishes and support, Mr.Each week, housemates nominate two of their peers for eviction, and the housemates who receives the most nominations would face a public vote.Of these, one would eventually leave, having been "evicted" from the House.


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